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Principal Message

Our  schools mission is to prepare young people to become active, engaged and  responsible citizens of the local and global community. 

At  Ballan Primary School we offer an attractive, safe and welcoming learning  environment for all students. Building positive relationships with our families  is at the centre of all our work.

Our  goal is to create an environment that recognises the unique stages of  development and provides appropriate child-centred experiences based on the  Victorian Curriculum. When developing programs, our teachers take into account  the whole child and their individual learning needs. Literacy and numeracy are  our key foci, while also placing high importance on other areas of the  curriculum such as Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Instrumental Music, Science, Physical  Education and Japanese.

Our dedicated teaching team engages children in stimulating and meaningful learning  while always promoting the social and emotional development of each child. All  classes provide an environment that reflects the children's needs and interests,  while promoting individual student voice, choice and contentedness.

We  value positive partnerships with parents, students and staff, providing many  opportunities for parents to become involved in the school community, including  participation on school council, as classroom helpers or on our very active  parents and friends group.

Our  school provides learning for the 21st century  and all classrooms are equipped with up to date technology including Interactive  White Boards, Laptops, and iPads.  
Highest quality teaching is a critical component of our school’s Strategic Plan and this  is reflected in staff undertaking continuous professional learning to enhance  their skills. All teachers plan together in professional learning teams to  ensure both consistency of approach and expectations. We are currently working  towards becoming a Professional Learning Community. 

At  Ballan Primary School there is a best practice and consistent approach to  student behaviour and management. Students are expected to take responsibility for their behaviour as well as being explicitly taught social and emotional learning through Program Achieve. We are proud to be an accredited Kids Matter school.

Lachlan Carlyle