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School History

Ballan Primary School began as Ballan Common School No. 54, a non-vested  school, erected on Church of England property in Simpson Street, Ballan, on 8th  January 1855 with William F. Vance as the first Head teacher. In 1855 the school  had an enrolment of 32 pupils; 15 boys and 17 girls; and an average attendance of 20. In June 1873, District Inspector Main considered it undesirable to  purchase the premises.

It was his opinion that the building was unsuitable for  the number in attendance, and that it would necessitate considerable expense to  enlarge it. 

Walter Scott, was the last Head teacher of the school when it closed on 31st  July 1874. From 1864-73 the enrolment at the Common School totalled 434 pupils.  As Head teacher of the non-vested school, Mr Scott wrote on 10th June 1873,  complementing District Inspector Mains' submission regarding his recommendation  of a new site; 'The number of children at present in attendance is over 130 and  the schoolroom, according to the regulations of the Education Department, is  only capable of accommodating 90. In reference to the urgency of my request (for extra accommodation), I may state that eight new scholars have come today.  Should they come at this rate I shall, in a very short time, have scarcely
standing room for them'. 

District Inspector Main recommended that the Department reserve blocks 1 to  9, Section 17 township of Ballan as a site for a State School. Section 17 was  bounded by Duncan, Edols, Windle and Steiglitz streets. The building of State  School No. 1435 commenced on 14th March, 1874. This school comprised of one room  with a porch and a smaller room. The building was planned to accommodate 150  children. On 17th July 1874, Walter Scott was instructed by letter to occupy the  new building. 

In 1874 the Common School became the Ballan State School, and the teacher and  pupils transferred to a new building in Duncan Street which opened in August of  that year. In its opening year the school had an average attendance of 162  pupils out of a total enrolment of 201. Overcrowding soon led to the addition of  a third room which was completed in February 1887. 

Over the years, Ballan Primary School has grown to become a modern and well  equipped primary school in the Central Highlands/Wimmera Region. As enrolments  have increased, building programs have seen the establishment of new classrooms, administration offices, art, library and canteen facilities, as well as the  provision of a magnificent gymnasium. A new recreational oval has further added  to the excellent facilities of the school.