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School Profile

Ballan Primary School is located 40 kilometres east of Ballarat on the Western Highway. The school has been on the site since 1874. Ballan Primary School offers a comprehensive curriculum with a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy through quality programs and an emphasis on students feeling connected to the school, their peers and teachers. The school guarantees all students access to a broad, balanced and flexible curriculum that is adapted to their individual needs.

Our strategic purpose is to develop the desire to continue to learn throughout life and build the capacity to exercise judgement and responsibility in matters of morality, ethics and social justice.

Our school commits to a zero tolerance of child abuse.  Our school’s Child Safety practices include Working with Children Checks, Police Checks and current Victorian Institute of Teaching registrations.  We require all staff and volunteers to sign our Child Safe Code of Conduct that outlines appropriate and inappropriate behaviours towards children.  Prior to staff selection or the commencement of their role, all persons are screened and we require proof of identity and professional qualifications.  A person’s history of work involving children and references are checked.

Staff are required to follow Mandatory Reporting procedures, Duty of Care policy and Child Safe Policy duties and responsibilities at all times.

The school offers a range of programs and structures designed to facilitate learning, engagement, wellbeing and social responsibility. Specialist areas include Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Language, Science, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, Physical Education classes.  Other extracurricular activities include camps, Kelly Sports, Footsteps Dance Program, excursions, swimming classes, sporting events, art shows, numeracy and literacy days plus many more. Our school facilities are outstanding with multiple spaces that are purposefully designed to allow for a range of learning experiences and choices. All our classrooms are permanent and equipped to provide a 21st Century education to our students. This includes interactive screens in every classroom and access to eLearning, iPads, desktop and laptop computers. We have an onsite Out of School Hours Care facility.

The school’s wellbeing program is an integral part of the ethos of the school in developing and maintaining a harmonious environment. The school became an accredited Kids Matter school in 2013. This accreditation acknowledges our sustained strategies to improve mental health, wellbeing and educational outcomes for all students.

At Ballan Primary School we have twenty six staff. This consists of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Learning Specialist eleven classroom teachers, an, three Specialist teachers, six Integration Aides, a Business Manager and Admin Assistant. 

The core values of the school are Inspiration, Growth, Courage and Community. We live out these values through our work within the school and with our local community. We believe that working in authentic collaboration with the community is vital to the shaping of our present and future society.