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Social and Emotional Learning

SWPB - School Wide Positive Behaviour

At Ballan Primary School we treat each other with respect, take responsibility for our learning and behaviour, and strive for excellence in a safe and inclusive school.

We believe at BPS that school should be a happy and supportive learning environment which meets the needs of all students. To help create a positive school climate we have implemented the School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) framework. SWPB is a whole school evidence-based approach for preventing and responding to behaviour in schools. It aims to create our positive, welcoming and calm environment, while preventing and responding to behaviour.

At BPS, we give positive feedback to students and strive to teach students how to behave appropriately and maintain our values of Growth, Inspiration, Community & Courage. At BPS, we have created matrix of behaviours that are explicitly taught to the students and are encouraged to display our values at all times. Students are acknowledged for demonstrating our school values in the classroom and playground and receive Class Dojo points, which they save up for a selection of rewards.

At BPS we believe that students learn appropriate behaviour in the same way a child learns to read—through instruction, practise, feedback, and encouragement. Teaching behavioural expectations and rewarding students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehaviour to occur before responding.

Respectful Relationships program

Social and emotional learning is about building resilience and learning ways to effectively manage emotions, behaviour and relationships with others. At Ballan Primary school we believe that these are essential life skills that support the wellbeing and positive mental health of students.

At BPS we not only integrate social and emotional learning in our daily lesson plans, we also use the Respectful Relationship program in each and every classroom.